1974 – The Promotion Man – New York City



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Dave Morrell (left) escorting Ron Wood (right) on 1974 NYC radio station visits

A 21-Year-Old Record Company Promo Man Chases Radio Spins For

Music Legends In The Big Apple, Circa 1974

1974 – The Promotion Man – New York City, the second volume in the memoirs of longtime record company executive and Beatles collector Dave Morrell, is available now on Amazon.com in paperback and for Kindle. The book picks up where Volume 1 – the high energy Horse-Doggin’ – left off and is an ideal stocking stuffer or e-gift for any music fan this holiday season.


When Morrell was just barely 21, he was plucked from a low-level job at Warner-Elektra-Asylum’s New Jersey warehouse, relocated to Manhattan and given a plum assignment as Warner Bros. Records’ East Coast promotion man. Dave takes readers along on this wild ride – getting high with Ron Wood in the back of a limo between stops at radio stations, crossing English rock act Jethro Tull over to a mainstream pop radio audience with the smash hit “Bungle in the Jungle,” breaking new artist Maria Muldaur despite resistance from radio stations that deemed “Midnight At The Oasis” too steamy, witnessing David Geffen’s meltdown at the Planet Waves listening party when he finds out the label’s Bob Dylan ad ran too soon in Billboard, introducing KISS to audiences with a Times Square kiss-a-thon judged by Kenny Rogers, getting Alice Cooper to speak at a PTA meeting and being whisked away to the Bahamas by Deep Purple, who had rented the Starship (a former United Airlines Boeing 720 jet), for an impromptu meet-and-greet with radio programmers.

Although employed by a major record label, Morrell resisted becoming one of the “suits” and remained a fan at heart, with a pure love of music – something that’s abundantly clear in Chapter 14, details how Dave and his friend Ron Furmanek were invited to John Lennon’s apartment to screen some rare Beatles footage that Ron had acquired – and how Lennon reciprocated by playing them an unreleased Beatles recording. Published in 2014, Morrell’s Horse-Doggin’ detailed how DJ/Village Voice columnist Howard Smith originally introduced him to Lennon in 1971. Festivities are being held worldwide on Friday, October 9, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Lennon’s birth.

Dave Morrell is a co-host with Howie Edelson and Stephen Bard on The Classics presents “FABCAST” – a new Beatles podcast from United Stations Radio Networks premiering soon.

Other highlights from 1974 The Promotion Man New York City include Morrell’s eyewitness account of the final recording sessions for Lennon’s Rock N Roll album at the Record Plant East and a private listening session at Electric Lady Studios, where Dave got a preview of new Jimi Hendrix tracks that the label later declined to release. You can hear hits from all of these artists and more on Morrell’s “1974” playlist, streaming HERE on Spotify.

Like a time machine crossed with a backstage pass, 1974 The Promotion Man New York City offers an insider’s view of the ’70s – an era that is currently providing fresh inspiration across all areas of popular culture, including fashion, film, television (HBO’s upcoming Martin Scorsese-Mick Jagger-Terence Winter rock drama series, Baz Luhrmann’s forthcoming series “The Get Down” for Netflix, “Aquarius,” “Mad Men,” “Fargo”), music (Tame Impala, White Denim, Hookworms) and even home furnishings.

Maccazine hailed Horse-Doggin’ – the first volume in Morrell’s series – as “a must read” while Music Connection observed, “Morrell takes you along on his madcap, music-fueled true-life adventures—including brushes with John Lennon, Terry Reid, Joe Franklin and many others.” MeetTheBeatlesForReal.com said, “[Horse-Doggin’ is] a time machine of sorts and really took me back in time to New York City in the early 1970’s and what it was like to be a Beatles fan then. There is a lot of great humor.” Hailed as “a Beatle-phile beyond reproach,” DISC & Digital Audio Technology, Morrell was a featured speaker at 2014’s Beatlefest in Los Angeles and has spoken at two recent GRAMMY Museum events as part of the museum’s celebration of the Beatles’ 50th Anniversary in America.




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